MXR M108S Ten Band EQ Pedal for Electric Guitar and Bass Bundle with Blucoil 2-Pack of 10-FT Straight Instrument Cables (1/4in), 2-Pack of Pedal Patch Cables, and 4-Pack of Celluloid Guitar Picks

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  • CONTROLS UNWANTED FREQUENCIES - The MXR M108S is a 10-band EQ pedal that lets you shape your bass or electric guitar's tone to any mix. This pedal has bands at 2k, 4k, 8k, and 16k.
  • HELPS FINE-TUNE YOUR HIGH ENDS - Each slider of the M108S pedal offers 12dB of cut or boost. The Gain and Volume sliders enable you to boost your tone or compensate for the frequencies you've cut.
  • DOES NOT ADD COLOR TO YOUR TUNE - Equipped with True Bypass Switching, this pedal lets your audio signal to flow through unhindered and prevents any high ends loss.
  • ACCEPTS 2 AMPS AT ONCE - The dual 1/4" outputs of M108S enables you to feed two amplifiers into the pedal simultaneously. Plus, the 18V operation makes sure that you'll have plenty of headroom.
  • INCLUDES - MXR M108S Ten Band EQ Pedal for Electric Guitar and Bass. 2-Pack of Blucoil Premium 10-FT Instrument Cables with 1/4" Straight Connectors and PVC Shield for Guitars and Amps. 2-Pack of Blucoil Right-Angled Patch Cables for Effects Pedals. 4-Pack of Blucoil Thin Celluloid Guitar Picks (Assorted Colors).

Product Description

MXR M108S Ten Band EQ Pedal
The MXR M108S is a 10-band graphic EQ pedal for electric guitar and bass. Each slider offers 12dB of cut/boost, which helps shape your boost to fit into any mix. It has low-noise circuitry and true bypass switching delivering zero coloration on your tone. The M108S is perfect for balancing your tone and fighting unwanted feedback or frequencies.

  • Bypass Mode: True Hardwire
  • Filtering +/-12db at 31.25, 62.5, 125, 50, 500, 1k, 2k, 4k, 8kHz: +/-12dB shelf at 16kHz
  • Noise Floor: -101.4dBV
  • Impedance: 470 kOhm Input, 5 kOhm Output
  • Frequency Response: +/-1dB, 20Hz~20kHz
  • Max Level: +14dBV at 1kHz Input, +14dBV at 1kHz Output
  • Power Source: 18V DC Power Supply
  • Current Draw: 48mA

    Also Comes With:

    Blucoil 10-FT Straight Instrument Cable
    The Blucoil 10-foot instrument cable interconnects your electronic musical instruments (e.g., guitars, bass, keyboards) to a preamp or amplifier's unbalanced input. It features 1/4" male to 1/4" male straight mono plugs. The metal Neutrik connectors ensure reliable durability and improved contact integrity. The cords are protected with conductive PVC shielding, which cancels out electronic and radio frequency interference. The straight instrument cord removes the need for line-level adapters while Oxygen-Free Copper wires enhance the signal clarity.

    Blucoil Right-Angled Pedal Patch Cables (2-Pack)
    These cables interconnect your effects pedals while ensuring efficient and transparent signal transfer. The oxygen-free copper (OFC) cables make sure that no EMI and RFI noises are muddling your signals.

    Get the M108S Bundle today and receive 4-Pack of Blucoil Celluloid Guitar Picks!
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