TWA DYNAMORPH Disortion Fuzz Filter Synth Guitar Effects Pedal

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  • ECDYSIS (Drive) - Controls the amount of signal level going into the circuit's diode array. More drive yields more apparent change to the distortion's EQ components; effectively "morphing" the tone. Turn clockwise for more drive/distortion/filtering/morphing effect.
  • OUTPUT - Controls overall output level of the pedal. Turn clockwise for more output level (volume).
  • INSTAR (Threshold) - When Morph is set to ON, this control sets the trigger point at which the drive level will increase from zero to wherever it is set on the Drive control. Start with the control full CCW and adjust until you find the "sweet spot" where the pedal reacts best to your playing dynamics.
  • CHRYSALIS (Gain) - Controls the output level of a high-gain preamp that sits before the rectifier array in the circuit. Gain makes the Drive control hit the rectifiers harder - a lot harder. When this occurs, more complex, thick harmonics with compression and increased sustain are some of the results. Turn Gain clockwise for more gain/distortion/filtering/morphing effect.
  • AMETABOLY/HOLOMETABOLY (Dry/Effect) - Blends between clean signal (Ametaboly) and morphed signal (Holometaboly). Turn CCW for more Dry, turn CW for more Effect

Product Description

The TWA Team is super stoked to announce our most unique invention yet - the DM-02 DynamorphTM. Distortion? Fuzz? Filter? Synth? DynamorphTM is all of these, and much more. Featuring a distortion circuit where the amount and type of saturation is intricately and inextricably linked to the input signal level, DynamorphTM creates multi-layered, highly complex waveforms that twist and morph your instrument's harmonic structure in bizarre yet decidedly musical ways. Add to this an envelope-detection circuit that allows control of distortion events via playing dynamics, and you have the extremely powerful tool for musical expression that is DynamorphTM.

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